Glass Beads

Glass Beads


Blastrite Glass Beads are high quality glass micro spheres resulting from the specialised processing of select glass cullet. Blastrite Glass Beads are versatile blasting media used in a variety of applications.


Finishing: For use in a wide range of materials including metal, glass, plastic and rubber. The smaller the glass spheres, the smoother the textured surface.
Cleaning: Glass Bead blasting removes and cleans foreign substances from the surface without a dimensional change to the surface.
Deburring: Glass Bead blasting removes burrs and feathered edges from parts in a precision operation. Corners and edges must be deburred with precision to assemble and operate properly. Glass Bead blasting guarantees that no base metal from the surface is removed.
Peening: Peening with Glass Bead is a low-cost form of creating a uniform surface layer of compressed stress in alloy substances. Peening acts to combat stress cracks and corrosion, resulting in the increased life of metal parts. .

SiO2 72.55%
Al2O3 2.00%
Fe2O3 0.18%
Na2O 13.78%
CaO 7.02%
MgO 3.02%
Hardness: 6 – 7 (MOH)
Specific weight: 2.60 g/cm³
Bulk weight: 1.60 kg/L
Particle shape: Round
Storage: Dry, sheltered conditions
Packaging: 25Kg bags, 1 ton pallet


Code: Size Range: µm Profile Range: µm
1 50 – 100
2 100 – 200
3 180 – 300
4 300 – 400